Fourni Islands

6-26-2016–Fourni Korseon, Fourni Islands, Greece

I’m in Fourni now, a little island group wedged in between Samos and Ikaria. This place couldn’t be more different from where I just was in Samos. There I was in a quite touristy place, a place that has been in big ways organized around foreign travelers. That exists here, but to a much smaller degree. Mostly the main settlement here is still a fishing village; I have to speak some Greek here, fit in with what they’re about …

The place is also very physically different from Samos. Gone are the mountain pine forests. Here the lanscapes is harsh and scrubby–I’ve yet to even see an olive tree! Still, there’s a beauty here, very similar to that of other small dry Greek islands, which I enjoy. There’s not much to do here (which is kind of the point). It’s a good place to relax, which is what I’m doing, taking some “personal days” to think and write, to sit on my balcony and watch the fishing boats moving in and out of the port …


Things are much less expensive up in this part of Greece than further south. Is it always this way or has the economic turmoil of recent years driven the prices down? I suspect the later, mainly because my five-year-old Lonely Planet guide consistently quotes much higher prices for here than I’m running into (but then prices in Crete were the same as always).

l will probably be moving on tomorrow. I’m not sure where–wherever the boats happen to be going …


Main Settlement at Fourni





Long Hot-Ass Road to the Beach



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