Lemnos Interlude #1

6-17-2016–Mirina, Lemnos, Greece

And then suddenly I’m on something close to the other side of the country … After a long day with little sleep I made I it to Lemnos (often transliterated as “Limnos”). I took a bus from Palehora to Hania and then hung around that town for several hours. Then I took another bus to the airport, where I caught a plane to Athens. And then, after a five-plus hour layover there, I caught another plane here.

I have no real strong reasons for being here–it’s simply the northernmost spot in northern Aegean islands with an aiport, a point from which I can work my way south to the places I have more interest in seeing.

Actually, I do have one other reason for being here. Lemnos is the only place in the world where the Etruscan language has been documented outiside of Italy. Before this became a Greek island, many centuries ago, these Etruscan speakers had the place. And I just thought it would be cool to be somewhere with such an interesting settlement history (I am an anthropologist by training).

I have some reflections on this place I’d like to put down, but I’m too tired to get into that (I’ve only had about four hours sleep over almost two days). More tomorrow …