Lemnos Interlude #2

6-18-2016–Mirina, Lemnos, Greece

Lemnos–an interesting place I can’t yet get a handle on. Very Greek, in the sense that it doesn’t seem to attract many people from elsewhere (I think I was the only non-Greek on my plane in); I ran into a few Engish folks and today a couple of American girls (one Greek-American), but such encounters are so far quite rare. Also, I’m having far more problems making myself understood with my usually combo of English/baby-talk Greek than anywhere else I’ve been in this country. But, I don’t know … I’m also not getting that feel of history that I’ve gotten other on other islands. On Crete for example, a part of me is always expecting well-armed mustachioed Sfakians to come down from the mountains in traditional dress. Or half the men I meet to suddenly pull out a louto or lyra and start singing old traditional songs. Here, it feels … different. The post-war Greece concrete bland modernity? What I’m not feeling is a soul

I know I’m reaching here: I don’t anywhere near enough about this place to make such conclusions (though I also shouldn’t ignore my instincts) …

Like I said, I didn’t come here for any significant reason. And this is showing I as I move thru the hours. I’ve only barely left the main port here, and I’m fine it’s that, which is good because my options are very limited unless I want to lay put for a car rental (I don’t): the bus service is limited (I actually had to take a taxi here from the airport–expensive!) and the island is far too big and it’s far too hot for me to get to too many places on foot). Maybe this is just a place I’m destined to wander thru lightly. Fate is in charge on this one …


While flying in and driving from the airport I noticed the a lack of olive trees–gone were the endless groves that dominate most of the other Greek island lanscapes I have seen. Here it was wheat, plowed fields; it looked a bit to me like parts of California’s Central Valley. This place is also much flatter than other islands I’ve been to, rolling hills and big valleys as opposed to rugged mountains sticking out from the sea …

Some photos. Shots from the castle above the town (yes, another castle–half the towns around here seem to have them) and some of the town from that vantage point.


Mirina, Lemnos, Greece



Castle #1



Castle #2



Castle 3



Looking North



Looking South