Samos Roundup

6-24-2016–Samos (Vathi), Samos, Greece

Samos, the next major island south of Chios, nestled into the Turkish coast. I’ve been here a couple days, based out of Vathi (also called “Samos”). This place is beautiful. Green, well-watered mountains, covered with pines, interspersed will olive groves (though these take up less of the landscape than on other Greek islands, especially that of Crete, which so often seems to be a giant olive plantation). I came in on a late night ferry from Chios, and after some irritating machinations involving long sweaty hikes and a night of over-priced accommodation (I’ll vent about this some other time) I ended up here. I like this place. A typical Greek port town, but mellow—it moves at a reasonable pace.

It’s a bit different here too, though. Being so close to Turkey it features many more people from there; women in head scarfs are common. There’s also a small contingent of Africans, who, not surprisingly, stand out. Still, it very Greek, very much like other Greek islands I’ve been too. Tonight, for example, I sat in a ouzoria listening to a guitarist and bouzouki player going at traditional tunes. It’s also unfortunately a bit touristy, not so much here in town, but along the coast to the east. This area is essentially one big tourist trap, based around some surprisingly mediocre beaches. I went down there today, mainly because it’s way hot here and I needed to hit the water. “Sunbathing with Germans,” would make a good title for this excursion (I’ll vent about this at some later point too)…

Tomorrow I head down to the south coast of the island, to a port called Pythagoras, because l’m interested in seeing the place and because a couple days from now l need to catch a boat from there to my next destination, the Fourni Islands, which supposedly are quite remote and lightly visited.

Some general notes:

The women of the northern Aegean islands are way better looking than those further south—they’re some of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen! Every few minutes, it seems, I’m falling in love (or at least its functional short-term equivalent). Unfortunately Greek women have zero interest in me (I guess I look too German or something, too much like the folks who are busily destroying the Greek economy). It’s too bad: so many of them so obviously need an older blonder man in their lives (ha!) …

I’m having a good time here, but I’m also getting a bit frustrated. Greek islands are all starting to seem sort of the same to me. Even though I’ve never before been to the last three islands I’ve just visited. I might have we’ll have been—there’s nothing I’ve found on any of then I haven’t essentially experienced before. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve gone to the well one too many times in this part of the world …

I’ve also become very linguistically frustrated on this trip. My Greek has progressed to where I can usually understand the basics of the conversations around be but I cannot yet participate. Without language one can only tread the surface of a culture. I’ve done this enough in Greece—I want more.


I’m having trouble with my camera: I keep getting blurry shots for no reason I can figure out. I think my camera is getting old, is on its last legs. Still the occasional good one happens, like his sunset one (notice the birds in flight–I’m currently using this shot as my screen saver on my iPad) Unfortunately none of my Vathi shots turned out well. I posted a pretty blah one just to document the town  …


Samos Sunset


Vathi (Samos)


West of Samos