Greece Photos #2 – Northern Karpathos

Long Beach, CA

More Greek photos! The first two I took in 2011, in Diafani in northern Karpathos. They’re of the most strangely and wonderfully-placed public bench I’ve ever run into. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite capture it–I could never catch it in the right light. When I went back to Diafani in 2013 the bench was gone. The third photo, also taken in 2011, is of a “secret” little beach I like, which is a few-miles south from Diafani. It’s one of my favorite places in Greece to hide from reality (or perhaps create a new one).

Diafani2 010

Diafani, Karpathos, Greece – 2011

Diafani2 009

Diafani, Karpathos, Greece – 2011

Diafani 104

Northern Karpathos, Greece – 2011