Greece Photos #3 – Gavdos

Long Beach, CA

More Greece photos. The first one was taken from above Agios Ioannis beach, on Gavdos, which is a tiny island south of Crete (it’s the southern most part of cultural Europe–next stop North Africa). Gavdos is the place I go to come down from all the bullshit aspects of life; it’s where I go to heal. There’s little there–it’s mostly just wild landscape, some goats, and a few tumbledown tavernas and guesthouses. As late as the 1960s it was used as a place of internal exile; prisoners were routinely sent there. Back then it was probably the poorest backwater in Greece, and was populated by goat herders, fishermen, and few others. Other than the priest, the locals were generally illiterate. Today I call it an anti-resort: no corporate establishments of any sort–just a place where real people go to swim, hike, sun, think, and dream …

The Other photos are pretty self explanatory. The last one, though, is a bit bit of a failure. At sunset, on the north coast of Gavdos, Crete appears as this awesome presence on the horizon–very spooky and Homeric. I couldn’t come close to capturing this in a photo, but I did get a little bit of the feeling, I think.


Gavdos 014

Agios Ioannis Beach, Gavdos, Greece – 2011


Lonely Gavdos Coast, 2011

Lonely Gavdos Coast, Gavdos, Greece – 2011


Gavdos 018

The “Settlement” at Sarakinikos, Gavdos, Greece – 2011


Sunset Crete, from Sarakinikos, Gavdos, Greece - 2011

Sunset Crete, from Sarakinikos, Gavdos, Greece – 2011