First Greece Post – Summer, 2016

Paleohora, Crete, Greece

Back in Greece, in Paleohora on the south coast of Crete. Unfortunately I’ve started off the trip with my traditional airport cold–forty-plus hours without sleep combined with roughly that amount of time breathing recirculated airplane/airport air (recycled germs) has done me in. (I always know I’m dealing with new microbes while traveling because my colds feature different symptoms than they do when I’m at home.) Since I took British air on this trip and had a long layover in London I’ve decided to blame the English for my current state. First this British Empire, now this!

My original plan was to come to this part of Crete because I know and like it and wanted to start off my trip with a relaxing week or so before I start exploring new places. It’s worked out well in regards to my cold too. Being sick on the road sucks, but at least here I don’t have to worry about figuring stuff out–I know how to hunker down in this place and heal.

I am altering my plans somewhat, though. I was originally going to head straight down to Gavdos, a little island to the south I really like, but I’m getting a bit of a been-there-done-that feeling here in western Crete. I think I’m going to try some new places. Tomorrow morning I’m going to be heading east, to Frangokostelo, a spot on the south coast I’ve missed on previous trips. Then … Who knows …

Kelly Thoma is playing all the way up in Thessaloniki¬†on the 16th and then down here in Crete on the 20th. I definitely want to see her while I’m here, so I’ll have to make a decision soon (I wasn’t planning on being in Thessaloniki on this trip, but what the hell?) I also want to start my northern Aegean part of my trip soon. So either way I’m on Crete for a week max …

Despite my cold I’ve managed to do a bit of hiking and swimming. This might have been a mistake. I was feeling so shitty yesterday afternoon that I fell asleep around 4PM and didn’t wake up till 2:30 this morning. I’m getting frustrated–I want to be firing on all cylinders. I only have so much time here–spending any of it with an asterisk by it is a drag ..