7-25-2016–Hania, Crete, Greece¬†

I’m back where I started my trip–Hania, on the northwest coast of Crete. This officially marks the last phase of my trip–in a little more than two days I’ll be on a plane heading home (Hania-Helsinki (!)-Chicago-Los Angeles). I’m feeling good; I’m glad to be here. I like Hania, more so by far than any other urban area I’ve been to in Greece. Though it’s very touristy, it manages to do so without being totally tacky and overwhelming (see Waikiki). It’s also a very pretty city, dominated, in its older areas by Venetian architecture and alleys that in comparison reveal places like Iraklio to be the modern monstrosities they are.

The place I’m staying in here is pretty crazy. Greece overall might be hurting for tourism, but Hania, as usual for high season, is rocking. I knew this would be the case and duly expected to overpay for a hovel of accommodation. When I got into town, though, things were worse than I expected–this town is pretty much booked up. For about an hour I traipsed from place to place while they all told me they were full or that they had a room¬†but for only one night at a ridiculous price (such as 9o euros for essentially a closet). Evetually I found myself at a hotel by the old harbor (the most desirable part of town), a place I normally would never have tried because it looked so pricey.

I was told they did have a room for the three nights I needed, but that it was an “apartment” they usually only rented out to families. I was then informed the best price they could give me on it was 60 euros a night. I jumped on it. I’m now staying in what is for me a bit of a palace. I mean, the place has three fricken floors, four beds, a kitchen, a living room and probably a godcdamn pot of gold if I look hard enough ( I really wish I could post pictures). Oh yeah, the price includes breakfast! In other words, during the height of tourist season in a town that’s packed I’m living large for relative chump change …

There is a goddess and she loves me long time!

I know of course why I got his place so cheap. Nobody comes in off the street looking for this set up–they book it in advance. They must not have had a booking for this room for the next few days. So it was give it to me cheap or probably make nothing and have it sit open. I was just in the right place at the right time …